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Vizsla Dogs

Dog Walking

Adequate exercise is vital to the health and happiness of your dog. Regular exercise reduces boredom, alleviates stress and can help eliminate many behavioural problems. Dogs crave mental stimulation, social interaction, human attention and most of all its good to bound around in wide spaces.

Whatever the reason we will walk your dog for you!

We will arrange a free home consultation to discuss your requirements, and tailor a package to your needs. Consultations are usually carried out at weekends.

Group Walks Each group walk lasts 45 minutes or 60 minutes and enables your dog(s) to socialise with up to 4 other dogs on a regular basis. Dogs are never walked in large “packs”, and care is taken to ensure safety at all times. Our group walks take place at nearby woodland areas. This means that your dog has the freedom to run about and play in the water or interact with other dogs in a safe environment. 

Dog walking in Barnehurt, Bexley, Abbey wood and surrounding areas.

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